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A bit of psychology in cold water Or About how and what it is necessary to study in this life.

Long-long ago in a far-away galaxy there lived toltecs — sidereal navigators. The sense of life they saw in comprehension of the essence of the Universe together with the laws of its formation and development. Also they taught those who wanted to study.

The toltecs were on our planet too, but the time came and they left, for they followed the Single One, giving motion and measure. And on the Earth there was left the Knowledge; dim melancholy, like the cobweb in the cool blue of the sky, pierced by the solar light; and magic and beautiful fairy-tales.

The learner on the roads of life is called the one, who has grasped, that the basis of everything is personal force, let even so small, as a mustard seed. And to obtain it one must trust oneself, listening to silence and fairy tales of the wind.

The reflection of the force can be caught on steel of the flying up blade, in the sound of the cocked shutter and the first touch of born tenderness, in the ripples of the lunar track on the surface of a streaming flow, odor of interlaced bodies and arms, when it seems, that the whole world is something indivisible, and rustle of dropping leaves on the background of light-blue infinity of unimaginably high sky.

Meeting force thus, one can pass by, having overlooked it, or scream "Oh!" and forget about it in a minute, or become the slave of it forever.

And only an invulnerable Warrior, becoming the faultless man of knowledge, is capable to accept and to refuse, to receive the blow and to be taught a lesson by it, however remaining first of all free. The warrior is not the slave, but the servant of the force, for the slave has no selection, and the warrior does have it — to serve faultlessly, grasping the unknown, hidden behind the curtain of eternity!

When the yellow rain knocks on roofs, the stone is on the heart and it seems that it's the end of you, you come, you can't help coming to the One, who knows all. And, glancing at you once, only once, he'll say, looking somewhere into the distance:

Look — here is an eagle's feather, it has got entangled in the branches of hawthorn, a lynx has passed here and has left the track, and powerful salmon soon will depart to the sources of the Great River. And if this stone is slightly turned, a dried branch is thrown into the fire, and a flower is given a little tenderness, love and light, all will grow different — and to the better point. So happens, and sometimes so is. But if he, who knows all, is not about?

Then try, stepping a little aside, to look at your life through slightly screwed up eyes. And then, perhaps, you'll understand, that all that was necessary and important is just the play of little beetles on the surface of a forest lake, above which the sky spreads its infinity; a wonderful forest is singing around its inexpressible song and Mother Earth is always about, protecting the sensitive dream of silence.

And if one touches the Universe by one's light spirit, two huge swan wings will suddenly swing open behind a back, raising into unimaginable height…

And one thing more — not the last, but the most important: the Warrior is always adjusting His Spirit. For this is a single possibility to remain oneself in the surprising, unique and mysterious world.


Р. S. Hoping and calling, do not overlook to attach a camel. The school of life starts with it. Only before the one, who has learnt to answer for one's own actions, words and thoughts, the door is opened, behind which the thing the one came for is waiting.

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