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От термодинамики к синергетике

It's time not to throw the stones about, but to feel, understand and study…

He, who knows, he'll understand — these words are at the beginning and at the end of the ancient Dao text. The sense of these words can be attributed also to works of  Carlos Castaneda. A casually dropped word, a hint, subtle play on words — the endless metrics of spaces, spreading into boundlessness…

One gets the feeling, that behind the text there exists reality — of much higher rate, which is often not realized by the plot-captured consciousness, or is interpreted  by everyone according to his own understanding, which depends on the position of the assembling-point, attitude to oneself, to the world  and people. There unwittingly arises association with an orchard of a thousand paths — go wherever and bring whatever I don't know…

While I was working at the texts, living them, it occurred to me — to extract the force places of the system — the structure of this reality, which contains the potential,  capable to impact realizing, development and realization of the evolutionary potential of a man, and to serve a guiding thread in the process of spiritual formation and development.

During my work upon the texts I made some interesting observations and discoveries. The most essential one is realizing of the fact, that the image of the Warrior is of  metacultural and metahistorical character. Another, not less important one, was grasping, that the structure of the path of knowledge — the  path of a Warrior, is practically identical in all main spiritual traditions, religious systems, philosophic schools, and, taken for the basis, it can be used as the counting-point or the coordinate system, which allows obtaining answers to the most important questions in the human life — Who am I? What for do I live? Where have I come from and where do I go?

In this sense it seems worthwhile making comparative analysis of different systems of perception and feeling of the Universe, which will lead to obtaining interferential vision of the TEMPORARY and the ETERNAL. But this is already another story.


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